We are fortunate to have ex MasterChef Contestant and now Celebrity Chef, Tessa Boersma serving up delicious food on the day of the upcoming Goondiwindi Polo's Grazing Long Lunch on Saturday August 12th. So we wanted to catch up with Tessa and ask her a few things about herself and her love for cooking and the country.


Where did your love for the kitchen and cooking come from?

I really think it started with an appetite more than anything and realising that if I wanted to eat something I had to cook it myself. I was about 6 when I started baking and then as I got older the recipes got more advanced and I would enjoy challenging myself to cook things that I didn't grow up eating. I loved watching cooking shows from a young age so that was where a lot of my inspiration came from but my mum and my gran are both great cooks so I think the natural ability and love of food comes from them.

What made you enter MasterChef?  

I was watching the show with my partner one night and I turned and said to him "I can cook better than that" which is the most naive and arrogant thing to say but that's exactly how it happened. He then challenged me to apply and to put my words in to action.. little did I know I would actually get in!!

What was one of the biggest takeaways from competing in MasterChef?  

It taught me many things but most of all it made me realise what I can achieve if I believe in myself and back myself. There was never a moment I didn't think I could do it. I always gave it a go and reminded myself that the worst that will happen is that I go home which, to me wasn't a bad thing. As long as I gave it a go and tried my hardest that's all I could do. Thats basically how I approach all things in life now when something seems scary I remind myself of what's important and that all I have to do is try. 

What are your top five dishes to cook at home?

We love steak - like the rest of Australia! haha. I also like to cook pasta, pies, curries and anything seafood! 

You have done a few cooking gigs in the country, What do you love most about the country?  

I love the people. Everyone is always friendly and generous with their time and knowledge. True salt of the earth type - the best kind of people come from the country. 

What are you most excited about being involved in the Goondiwindi Polo Grazing Long Lunch?

Well obviously, the food! The menu is all about abundance, flavour and texture so I hope the guests love it. Besides the food I can't wait to see the setup of the tables. I already know its going to look so beautiful!

What kind of food can we expect to be served at the Grazing Long Lunch on August 12th?

We have a lot of local produce featuring on the menu including succulent pork and beautifully marbled beef. We have paired that with lots of fresh seasonal vegetables, vibrant sauces and local sourdough - I would suggest wearing something with a bit of give.. there is going to be a lot of food!
Want to join us at the Goondiwindi Polo Grazing Long Lunch? Click here for more info and tickets to a beautiful day on the sidelines of the polo field on Saturday 12th August from 12pm in Goondiwindi, Queensland
You can also follow Tessa's cooking journey via her instagram account - Follow Tessa Boersma