If you find yourself looking around your home and not being delighted with what you see then here are 5 simple ways to refresh your home, and it won’t cost the earth!
Just like clothing styles come and go, so does interiors. Interiors just seem to last a lot longer and more often than not, you will only have to change a handful of items in your home to make your interiors feel new and refreshed. 

Rearrange Your Furniture

Before you start moving things around, take a close look at the space, then go away and plan out the area on a page. Decide which pieces you want to keep where they already are and those that you want to switch around. Consider using pieces in alternate places or group furniture together to create different zones. Swap your living room rug with your dining room rug. Rearrange artwork or photo frames, bring in artwork from other rooms. The possibilities are endless!

Change Your Lamp Shades or Light Pendants

Don’t go thinking you need a whole new lamp to refresh your space, simply change out the lampshade for a completely different look. Go for a plain or patterned look. You can do the same for your light pendants however this can sometimes be a little more difficult as you will probably need an electrician to help with replacing it.

Swap Out Your Lounge Room Throw Cushions

Throw cushions are basically makeup for your living room, you can mix and match them until your heart's content.
If your space is feeling a little uninspiring, consider adding more colour to your cushion collection. And if you’re more of a neutral lover (like me) then go for different textures and fabrics. 

Replace Your Bedding 

How nice is it to walk into your bedroom each night after a long days work and be delighted by what you see. If you don’t feel this, give your linen a facelift or add some more colourful throw cushions. You may even be able to repurpose the throw cushions you replaced from the step above and add them to your bedroom. 

Add A Feature Wall

Ever felt the urge to paint a feature wall in your house? Do it! But make sure you test out your colours first before diving in. You can get sample paints from your local hardware store and you just paint a patch on your chosen wall, to test the waters. Once you’ve decided on a colour, chat with your local hardware store about tips and tricks on painting.