Looking around your homes interior and not feeling "it" at the moment? Maybe it is because with all this extra time spent at home we are seeing a lot more of our interiors and viewing things in a different light with a different attitude.

Here are 6 simple changes you can make to your interior space that will boost your mood.


Add Some Greenery (Real or Fake).

Whether you are the real deal kind of person or artificial is all you have time for, it doesn’t matter. Bring the outside in with some plants. This will instantly make rooms feel larger and more fresh. And you don’t have to stop there, try enhancing your greenery choose with an interesting basket or pot.




Set The Mood With Lighting

Lighting in your home is one of the most simple and effective ways to add ambience, mood and interest to a room/space. Add a big pendant light or lamp to a space that is missing it. You may not have realised the space was needing it before but trust me, lighting a room of a night time with ambient light really does help set the mood and your mood.




Walls Were Made For Hanging!

Wallpaper and artwork can really change the mood of a room. It will help fill the gaps in a room without over filling the space. Staring at a blank wall isn’t healthy for anyone.




Rotate Your Soft Furnishings

Change up what you already have. Often, we don’t think to move cushions and throws around so to change colourings and looks of our space. Simply put a different coloured throw at the end of your bed or swap out your bedroom cushion for your living room cushions and vice versa. Youll be amazing at how much a similar rearrange can change the feel of an interior space.




Rearrange The Furniture

Where your furniture currently is, isn’t its forever position. Don’t be afraid to move your bigger pieces around. Ask yourself do you have the space to reconfigure your living room? Or can you swap your bedside tables for your spare room’s bedside tables.




Add Some Scents To Your Space

Making your home smell nice will be a mood booster I promise you! If you haven’t already, buy some candles or diffusers for your home.