In recent years throws have become a must-have in our homes. They are great for curling up with on the couch, as an extra blanket on the bed or simply adding texture and colour into your interior space. As the temperatures begin to drop and we need our throw blankets more than ever, what is the best way to style a throw?

Of course, there is no one correct way but instead what suits you and your sense of style most. Here are my favourite ways for styling a throw:


1. Straight and not so narrow 

The first option is neatly folding your throw lengthways into thrids and hang it over the arm of a couch or over the back. You can place it in the centre or off-centre depending on your preference and look you want. For best results, ensure your folds are even and if possible tuck your throw behind your couch cushion to keep it perfectly in place.


2. Get it in the Basket

Throws and baskets have long been best friends and now you can incorporate them into your interior aesthetic. But that isn't even the best part. To get it looking great, simply toss the throw into the basket and then simply pull out one of the corners to hang over the basket, as simple as that! 


3. Perfectly, Imperfect

To nail the perfectly imperfect look it can take a little more time than you think. Loosely fold the throw in half lengthways and drape it over the corner of a couch or bed, always allowing some of the throw to cascade over the front of the couch/end of the bed. Step back for a better view. You may find that you need to pat it down or spread it out further. 


harry and kit throw styling


4. The Ladder Hang

Have a ladder that needs a bit more to it. Hang your throw over a rung on your decorative ladder. This also helps to give a plain wall something extra without artwork or the like. 

 styling throw using ladder harry and kit