When we came across Mel Obst art on instagram, it was love at first sight and we are so glad Mel felt the same. I sent Mel a message out of the blue to ask if she would be interested in having some of her amazing artwork in my shop and her response was more beautiful than the work she produces. Mel's response

"I would love to chat.. I'm a country girl who grew up on a sheep and wheat farm, so hearing from a business like yours and all that you do sits really well with me..."

We caught up with Mel to get to know her a little better and find out just how does she produce those beautiful pieces of art you see on her website and on ours. 


Tells us of your life as a youngster and being an artistic in rural Victoria? 

I grew up on a farm in country Victoria and was always an outside kid. I would have called myself a 'maker' from a young age; often collecting things which would later make it into a creation of some sort. 


What is your style of art? And has it evolved from your early days?

I would consider my style semi-abstract. I have always painted with acrylic paint.  Often overpaint, creating layers and depth of field in my work is always important to me. This has been a constant in my work, even when I studied Painting and completed a Visual Arts Degree back at Uni in the 90's.

Depth of field and overpainting and the mixing of colour and creating a balanced composition is often more important to me than the actual subject that I paint. In saying that though, recent travels (to a National Park north of home in Victoria) and its' monolithic sand-dues have continued to inspire me regarding the shapes, colours and forms that I have pursued.


Who and what inspires you and your work?

Brett Whiteley and his use of line and colour continues to stick with me and inspire me. I first discovered Whiteley's work studying Art History at University. I have also been fortunate to have travelled a great deal, including living overseas on numerous occasions. The exposure to galleries and other cultures throughout my life are a huge contribution to my works. 


Where do you hope your art will take you? 

To be honest, where I am at now with my art is exactly where I want to be. I am continuing to enjoy painting, can't do without it and it's so encouraging to be back pursuing it wholeheartedly as a career. Having a little shop that I have worked so hard to save money for and buy is also very rewarding. Best of all, I have a year off teaching this year, (haven't taught much since being a Mum) and I get to stay at home and be a Mum to our Dear Little Tilley.

I feel like I am finally being able to be the Artist I always dreamt of. I'm living the dream, my dream!


You can browse all available original artworks by Mel Obst here and follow her journey over on Mel's instagram page @mel.obst_art