We are so excited to be introducing a brand-new label to our store. This autumn we welcome Sunset Lover to our collection of fashion.
Sunset Lover is an up-and-coming Australian Resort Wear Brand that was founded in 2021, by Dean and Melanie Flintoft. The brand has a strong commitment to have a positive impact on people and the planet. Their path is defined by their commitment to circularity. They approach every aspect of their designs to thoughtfully and minimise environmental impacts though zero plastic policies for fibres and packaging.
Sunset Lover design their collections in collaboration with the South Australian Museum and Botanic Gardens of South Australia. Deep diving into the archives of these cultural institutions Sunset Lover draws print inspiration from species of global flora and fauna.
This Autumn we are introducing the Anthology, Ecology Series 6.0 collection.
We are thrilled to introduce this label to our store, and we hope you are too!