The KEIR. collection was created to be admired by you and others. It was also inspired by my mum, her three sisters and their travels near and far. The Keir sisters. Almost every time they will return from their travels with a new piece of jewellery to add to their collections. A momentum for the trip and time spent together. 

The Keir sisters, always dressed so effortlessly simple yet elegant and adorned with just the right amount of jewellery, from silver, gold, pearls and everywhere in between. 

Our Keir pieces are designed and chosen knowing if they were worn on their own or together, they would still fit the mould of the Keir Sisters approach to fashion, perfectly simple yet elegant. Just the right amount. Our KEIR. collection is timeless but fit so perfectly into the modern fashion landscape. 

We at Harry and Kit also believe a simple piece of jewellery, expensive or not, can take an outfit from beautiful to unforgettable. With the right styling and a touch of creativity, simple elegant jewellery can add a touch of sophistication to any outfit. Something our Keir Sisters do so effortlessly.

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