The 7 Classic Interior Design Styles Explained. Which one are you?

Do you know your interior style?

If someone were to ask you, what's your style?... what’s your answer? Here is a list of our 7 classic styles explained. Find out what your style is, or maybe you’re a bit of everything. As Bunny Williams once said “If you love something, it will work” and trust us it will!



Shabby chic is a vintage-inspired style with a feminine, soft and delicate angle. Distressed painted furniture and walls. Your colour pallet doesn’t stray to far from white, cream and very light pastels.

Wall hangings, distressed cream throw rugs and washed linen cushions.


You guessed it, just like the beachside area in the United States, Hampton Coastal interior style is your perfect beachy holiday home feel. Spaces with a coastal interior feel will usually make use of light blues and greens, cool sandy shades. Rattan, Cane, Bamboo is a must. Kept natural or painted white, both will work seamlessly in your space. Airy, big open windows and light colour flooring, whether that be through carpet, tiles or whitewashed floorboards. This all brings out a relaxed and comfortable environment most often found alongside this interior style.

Match cane dining chairs with a whitewashed dining table, or rattan outdoor setting with glass top provincial coffee table. Keep the colours light and your work is done. 


Think Old factories, industrial building, warehouses, a mix of exposed wood and brick (Brisbane wall stores). High ceilings with big aged wooden beams. The unfinished rawness is what stands out in most industrial spaces and a style hard to never impress your guests.

Metal light shades hanging from high ceilings over a big reclaimed timber dining table. Industrial spaces are never cluttered and furniture that always serves a purpose. Your colour scheme is usually neutral with a pop of colour (which is easy to change up should you wish from seasons to season, swap out your red cushions for khaki in the winter).


Not dissimilar to industrial style. You can easily draw elements from an industrial space that works seamlessly with your farmhouse style. Farm House style is a mix of traditional, antique and classic but with no granny’s cottage feel. Its bringing together comfortable and rustic, English oak and reclaimed wood to create a homely finish.

Antique and cane furniture is your go-to and how well these can go together when done right.


The eclectic oasis and where more is more. Bohemian interior style speaks a happy-go-lucky lifestyle, a story on every piece of furniture and homewares waiting to be told. A Bohemian space is the best type of tangled.  

You will find vintage furniture, well-worn globally-inspired throws and cushions, Rugs with bulk texture. The colour pallet is pastels on creams and whites.


Scandinavian design is a mix of minimal and simplicity. Its smooth finishings and understated pieces. The colour pallet will usually be white, black or grey as the base with minimal pops of colour through wall art or floor rugs. Often you will find the interior walls are white, floors light wood finish and furniture clean, crisp and modern to say the least. The spaces are always open, minimal accessories and ample natural light.


Simple and fresh is probably what springs to mind when you think urban and you would be right. Urban interior style lends itself to Smooth, Clean furniture. The upholstery will be clean and crisp with a minimal mix of colour and patterns (tassels will be few and far between). The space is multi-functional and spacious.

Urban design often has a cosmopolitan vibe. Go for modern artwork with light coloured wood furniture. Make sure your cushions go well with your artwork and you create the perfect home in no time.