From all the work and energy (and excitement and joy and I could go on and on) that went into planning and sourcing in Asia for this container, it was beyond exciting to see the container arrive in Goondiwindi full of beautiful one-of-a-kind pieces. Every single piece in our container was hand-selected by myself and Henry (who knew my sheep farmer husband would enjoy sourcing for this container as much as I did). The whole process from start to finish of buying for this container was a hell of a lot of work but so much fun.
Once we unpacked all the furniture and boxes from the shipping container, the real work begins. Taking all of the protective wrappings off everything. Unwrapping each piece was like Christmas all over again, the excitement of seeing that amazing occasional chair or the custom made console on our soil was worth all the hard work. And then to see people come into Harry and Kit and watch their eyes light up just as mine did when I saw it for the first time. Now it's all here and in our little tin shed in country QLD.
Below are a few photos of the day our first container arrived