Whether you like the rustic country retreat or a coastal beach shack vibe these tips below will help you nail your holiday interiors look

Rattan Furniture 

You can’t go wrong with rattan (that might be our new slogan)! Rattan is the perfect go to and one which won’t grow old. The natural look and stylish appeal of rattan will add texture and style to any holiday space. 

Cane Furniture harry and kit

Neutral Palettes

If you’ve ventured into Harry and Kit, you’ll know we are all about a neutral colour palette. By sticking with white, natural, greys and blacks it will allow you the flexibility to change your decor more readily.  kit

Interior Plants 

Not only do indoor plants improve air quality (added bonus!!) there are so many different ways you can style them. Interior plants help to connect with the outdoors and fill spaces that may not warrant a piece of furniture. psst - We know who has a great range of indoor plants, Leichhardt Garden Centre.


Burning candles equal calm atmosphere and when we holiday we are calm. Candles are a great way of bringing ambience and tranquility to your home and they are a great decorating accessory. Especially when they are as beautifully packages as our Jersey Candles and Diffusers. Different scents will evoke different feelings and moods, they are also known to relieve stress, promote sleep and more. Do you need any more excuses to get your house smelling delicious?

Wall Hooks

Wall hooks are so practical and look great, they also help to declutter benches and other high traffic surfaces. Hang hats, bags and even pretty decor pieces. They aren’t just limited to indoor walls either, you’ll have a thousand and one spaces where you can hang them for storing towels, gardening equipment and more. 

Wall Decor 

What you hang on your walls speaks more about you than you think. From paintings to photographs, mirrors to artistic wall hangings (like Mai Designs gorgeous pieces). Wall decor is an easy way to bring a particular style into your home. 

Mai Designs - Harry and Kit


These guys can be used in a variety of ways giving you endless styling options and don’t think if you buy it for one reason you can’t repurpose it for another. Ottomans are great as foot stools, extra seating in your living room or simply as a side table. 3 purposes for the price of one.