So you are considering hiring a professional to help make your house a home but who do you turn to for assistance? An interior stylist, decorator or designer? It's important to understand and diversify between designers, decorators, and stylist so you can choose the right service for your project. 
Of course, there are some cross-overs between the three disciplines but there are also aspects of each role that are distinctive. However, one thing is for sure, they all love colour, fabrics and beautiful homewares and furniture. 

Interior Stylists

Interior Stylists are essentially specialists at 'styling’ interiors. They usually are employed to style for magazine shoots, television, homeowners, property developers and businesses looking to improve their office spaces. Interior stylists revamp spaces by either adding, editing or collating different wares and furniture. 

Interior Decorators

As you could have guessed, there are definite overlaps between interior stylists and interior decorators. However, decorators pay more attention to colour and fabrics and how a space is planned. They will also assist with decorative finishes (think wallpaper or paint and which light fixtures should I install?), furniture and accessories. They are exclusively concerned with decorating what’s already been built as they don’t usually engage in any structural renovation or alterations. 

Interior Designers 

Interior designers range of services far outnumbers that of an interior decorator or interior stylist. This comes down to their training, education, and qualifications. This includes architectural training allowing interior designers to work more closely with the design and build of a client's project. Whether that project is in the commercial or residential space. They can design a room from scratch or apply creative and technical solutions of a reno or build that is functional, attractive and beneficial to the client's life and culture. Often, interior designers will work closely with an architect to create the complete package.
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