Lillie was honoured to be featured in this months Women In Style Journal by Goondiwindi Cotton. Read the blog below, written by Steph Keeping
WOMEN IN STYLE | Meet Lillie Holcombe
We love interviewing women we admire from regional areas and this month's Women in Style feature is local Goondiwindi mum of two, Lillie Holcombe. Lillie is the founder and owner of Goondiwindi's much loved homewares and fashion boutiques, Harry and Kit.

Lillie, tell us a bit about yourself?

I grew up in North Queensland and moved to Brisbane for School and University. Eventually I found myself based rurally after meeting and dating my now husband, Henry. We live on my husband's farm in Yetman, NSW, 50kms from Goondiwindi with our two little boys, Eustie (4) and Beau (1), and our dogs, Harry, Kit, Betsy, Annie and Maisie. I lived and worked in Brisbane where I also completed my university degree in Marketing, holding a variety of marketing jobs before starting my own business in Goondiwindi, Queensland. 

How would you describe your style?

Effortless Chic. I'm all about comfort with an edge. 


Tell us what you love about the Goondiwindi Community?

It's a great town for young and old. It's fun and creative with so many businesses having originated in or around the community. It still has a country feel but with a lot of the creature comforts of the city that I loved. I am forever hearing from my city customers that they love coming to Goondiwindi because of all of the amazing small retail businesses that you can no longer find in the big cities. We are so spoilt for choice in Goondiwindi and for a town of 6-9 thousand that's a pretty big feat. 


You opened your gorgeous homewares and fashion store, Harry and Kit in 2019, when you had only months earlier welcomed your first little boy. Tell us about what motivated you to open your beautiful store?

I never thought I would find myself living rurally or owning my own retail shop. But very soon after Henry and I were married we made the move from Brisbane to Goondiwindi and I fell pregnant not long after that. I knew I would go stir crazy at home not putting my mind and skills to some kind of job so I started to think of jobs I could possibly do out here. My husband and I noticed a beautiful old tin shed right in the middle of town had come up for lease again and it was the space that I knew I had to do something with.
So the idea formed around the location. It was actually my husband that suggested looking into importing homewares as he knew I had a very keen interest in decorating and I had on several occasions on our overseas travels mentioned how it would be great to bring some of the beautiful unique pieces back home from overseas.
I also noticed a lack of access to to unique homewares and furniture in rural areas. So that was where it stems and from there, with a lot of research and learning, we made the leap to try our luck at importing. And I guess, Harry and Kit was born. Our business has since grown to offer a lot more from the beginning and now later this year we will be opening our second store in Toowoomba, Queensland. A new challenge for us that we can't wait to embark on. 



You styled the famous Goondiwindi Polo Tournament in August, what was your inspiration behind this particular event?

Friends supporting friends I guess. It is always so much fun when you can collaborate with other businesses and when the opportunity came up it was something I was very keen to help with. I also know what a great place Goondiwindi is, so if by getting involved in events like these, I can help promote and bring more people to our town, I am all for it. 



Tell us, why do you love what you are wearing from Goondiwindi Cotton?

The quality! You know by the feel of a piece if they are well made and Goondiwindi Cotton never disappoints. I am also really loving the beautiful prints in their latest collection. I am a neutral girl and love the subtly hints of colours and prints they created in this range.