We are thrilled to introduce Australia's most luxurious fragrance brand LUMIRA to Harry and Kit. 


LUMIRA was founded in 2013 by creative director Almira Armstrong, to bring a bold and unique approach to fragrance creation. LUMIRA prides themselves on the fact that all of their products are made in Australia using the finest luxury ingredients.

LUMIRA believe in the philosophy that to speak about fragrance is to speak of memory and experience and love. When creating their fragrances, LUMIRA are inspired by all of these things but above all, are guided by a passion for design and the art of travel. 

Each scent can be directly traced to a specific destination: a bustling urban environment, a far-flung village in the countryside, a luxurious island resort. Those who welcome LUMIRA into their world find it acts as a perfumed portal to other corners of the globe. This is the magic and luxury of a hand-crafted scent.

At Harry and Kit, we have enjoyed learning about LUMIRA, and their story, and are so excited to have them in store. Whether for the home or the self, these are artisanal scents for the sophisticated fragrance aficionado.

Shop our range of LUMIRA here, a perfect gift for someone else, or for those who are in need of a little luxury.