At Harry and Kit we have a beautiful curation of jewellery available to shop. We offer a range of gold filled and sterling silver bracelets, earrings and necklaces. As well as stunning pearl pieces and rings. 

Jewellery can be used to compliment any look and complete your outfit, here are our top tips in styling your jewellery to get the best wear from your pieces.

Learn To Layer

Layering is a perfect way to add a statement to your outfit. Layering is a fun way to mix and match your pieces to create perfect layers. It also gives the ability to make different looks with the jewellery pieces already in your collection.

When layering, use different weights densities, and lengths to create a statement. If you're stacking necklaces ensure that you have pieces in various lengths. Try starting with a longer chain and then pair it with a shorter length chain. Its better to try and keep your metals the same in your stack. Stick to gold or silver to provide cohesion in your look. 

You can layer with earrings, necklaces, rings and bracelets so a stacked look is easily achieved depending on where you want your focus point. 










Choose your Focal Point

Use your jewellery to compliment your outfit. Think about where you want peoples gazes to be directed when you're dressing up. If you are wearing a higher neck top, you might think to not wear a necklace, and instead wear some statement earrings.

Work out your focal point, and ensure your jewellery doesn't distract from it.


Sometimes Less is More

Sometimes it's best to know when to stop. Don't over accessorise your pieces as  usually less is more. If you have a beautiful necklace you want to show off, choose not to layer and let the piece stand on its own. 


Lastly have fun, don't overthink your pieces and wear what you feel comfortable in.